TIGRA Philippines

Our mission is to marshal the economic power and resources of transnational families towards an exit strategy in Philippine migration.

The Philippines today is dependent on contract-based and permanent migration for economic development. Established in September 2011, TIGRA Philippines and its partner NGOs in the Philippines work towards migration independence, wherein migration is a distinctly social and cultural phenomenon rather than chiefly an economic imperative. We believe the Filipino-American community, through its transnational ties, can play a positive, enduring, and substantial role in the economic and social development of the Philippines by using its consumer power towards social, economic and environmental well-being in the Philippines.


We take a micro and macro approach towards “Making Economic Choices Matter” by

1) helping immigrants and their families in making informed and self-actualizing choices in their daily life

2) helping cultivate an alternative economic development paradigm based on a Triple Bottom Line framework wherein social, economic and environmental returns matter.

We engage immigrant families towards a future wherein there is a robust local economy, dignified work, conscious consumption and collective prosperity in the Philippines. Through partnership among civil society, government, and the private sector, we can create enabling situations and opportunities for immigrants, their families and communities.


TIGRA Gabayan
  • Helps to ease the transition new immigrants face in the US by providing good information about employment, banking, and social services available in their US neighborhoods.
  • Outreach at Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars for US-bound emigrants
  • Community-based activities for families of immigrants in the Philippines
Research and Communications
  • Profile the immigrant sector :

1) Goals, dreams and strategies of immigrant families

2) Transnational connections including travel and residence, remittances and household spending patterns, diaspora philanthropy, and savings and investment decisions

  • Online and social media community engagement
Solidarity Economy Initiative
  • Balikbayan tourism for Philippine development
  • Remit4Change
For more information about TIGRA Philippines please contact Melissa Gibson.